Gardening Services

Everything from Designing to Execution to Upkeep


Using extensive knowledge gained from two decades of experience in the Science industry; I combine horticultural knowledge with modern design sensibilities Рto create simple, yet attractive garden plans that are quick to execute and simple to maintain.



Meeting people is part of why I love my job so much! I like to take the time to get to know my clients, so I can come up with a concept that suits you best.



Whilst most gardeners like to jump straight into designing, I like to spend some time to conceptualise your green space first – considering what thoughts and emotions you want it to evoke.



Now here comes the really fun part! I take the thoughts and ideas, gathered from our meetings, and combine it with the physical dimensions of your space, to create a completely bespoke design that suits your specifications and has a concept wholly to itself.



Depending on how big your project is, I aim to do most of the work by myself – however, if it’s a big job, then I may need to bring in some more hands. Either way, I aim to get projects done as soon as possible – with as little disturbance as can be helped.



Maintaining a garden is one of the most satisfying things about owning one – but it can still be tricky finding the time or knowing where to start. I can leave you with a simple checklist of activities and train you up in the basis – but if you can’t spare the time, then I can always come and help out myself.

Whether you’re working on a large-scale project, with big ambitions, or simply fancy transforming your small yard space into a peaceful, green sanctum – I can work within your budget and space restraints to create something bold, beautiful and totally original.